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Welsh Luxury Soap Co
Hello, we're Welsh Luxury Soap Co.

Whether you're looking for a gift to your loved ones or just a reward for yourself, we're here to give you premium quality handcrafted items sourced from Wales in the UK

About Wales

Wales is a land steeped in eventful history, unique traditions, and a precious cultural heritage, including its ancient language, Welsh. It sits on the western edge of Great Britain and is one of the constituent countries of the United Kingdom.


It is a country of awe-some landscapes: of rolling hills and swooping valleys, of breath-taking mountains and bracing waterfalls, of serene lakes and rapid rivers.

It is a country where the work of human hands has melded with the natural landscape to create beauty: where dramatic castles sit atop cliffs & peaks, where emerald hedgerow-lined fields are tended by sheep & cattle; and where whitewashed cottages dot the fields and brown-stoned terraces line the hills.

Wild Bluebell soap

About Welsh Luxury Soap Co.

Our soap is handmade using traditional methods and vegan-friendly ingredients. All of our products are packaged to be environmentally friendly. We avoid single-use plastic in all our packaging.

Our founder, Jessica, is a mother of three, and has made Wales her home since 2018. She started Welsh Luxury Soap Co as a means of pursuing her passion for all things skincare, and has since found a niche for sourcing, making & promoting scents that represent the best of Wales. As such, the inspiration for our products comes from the beautiful Welsh landscape and its precious cultural heritage. 

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